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Mrs Sally King is double booked

Also, the Indonesian dive resort had a pink flamingo at the reception. I knew there would be trouble By Henry King   “My wife really has a heart of gold,” I said to the air hostess of the Cathay Airways plane that was taking us from Macao to Denpasar. “Sir, madam put the sushi into […]

Should an eco-friendly diver eat seafood?

A novice diving gourmet’s guide to environment-friendly seafood dining So I’m doing my daily eco-friendly scuba diving again around the Great Barrier Reef. Today I’m headed to Cod Hole, near Lizard Island. A grizzled old-time scuba diver called Davis at the resort told me to look for potato cods there, also known as gropers. They’re […]

How to run an eco friendly diving resort

A concise guide to how to up your game as a Green Fins eco-friendly hotel manager   In mid-May this year, this planet reached a disturbing record — the highest levels of carbon dioxide ever recorded starting from times before human beings appeared on the planet. Everything is affected from plankton in the deepest seas […]