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Time to close the Mangrove Inn? Part 2

Continued from here. "How can I help you, my friend?", asked Mario over the phone. They exchanged a few pleasantries, and Paul quickly updated Mario on the situation at the Mangrove Inn. "You said you have a contact at Toyota Motors who might need several rooms on an ongoing basis?", asked Paul. "I do and […]

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Time to close the Mangrove Inn?

Vasil missed another online meeting. As the officer assigned for "all the IT stuff" at The Mangrove Inn^, he was scheduled to help troubleshoot some computer problems remotely. But he had been nursing a nasty fever for the past few days. He sent a message to Paul, the owner of the small hotel: "Sorry still […]

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Dream of running your own hotel? Start with Airbnb.

Would you like to run your own hotel in a tropical paradise? Or perhaps a gorgeous mountain resort? These are great aspirations with wonderful rewards. They are also wonderfully expensive. But there is a way to get your feet wet without the hefty price tag. I'm talking about vacation rentals. Most popular of which is […]

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3 simple tips to prevent missing guest payments

Do you wonder sometimes if all guest payments are being remitted properly to your hotel? Could some payments be falling thru cracks? How do you make sure? You don't need the most advanced systems and the most expensive accountants to ensure you are getting all the payments owed to you. Here are 3 simple tips […]

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To re-open, or not to re-open - Part II

Continued from here. "What are we going to do with the guest?" Rishika asked privately once the team regrouped inside. "We need to de-escalate the situation", replied Paul, who had called in via phone. "People are on-edge because of the 2 infections reported nearby. If there is an infection in the community, we might be […]

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To re-open, or not to re-open

In many places, hotels are starting to re-open amidst the ongoing pandemic. They've put a lot of safety precautions in place, including new check-in protocols and social distancing tools. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel — fleeting it maybe. Once we can fully re-open, how would we make that decision? […]

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What shouldn't happen with a new hotel system

So you signed-up for a software system to help manage your small hotel. Excited with the idea that your life as a manager would finally be a little easier. But what was supposed to be easy to use, turned out to be more complex and confusing. Now you've added the work of maintaining the system […]

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Can't travel? Try virtual tours - Part II

Continued from Part I. After the tour, I was holding the painting of the eagle. My mother's initials were etched near the bottom. As I held it, I realized this is the only thing I have of her. She passed away when I was very young. My mind went back to all the street-art we […]

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Can't travel? Try virtual tours

The pandemic made traveling very difficult these days, if not impossible. But there might be an alternative travel experience that can help. Airbnb, Tripadvisor and many other platforms are offering virtual tours that we can enjoy from our own homes. These are online experiences led by very talented hosts who know the destinations intimately, like […]

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Three lessons from a 9 month customer support ticket

Hotels need reliable customer support from vendors. Or they won't be able to perform at their best. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear about hotels struggling and feeling helpless when dealing with some vendors. There must be a better way. In January 2020, The Mangrove Inn (not their real name) got an urgent email […]

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