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Easy way to set colors for different sources

Here's an easy way to visualize where the bookings in the property management system came from.

This can aid staff in quickly identifying the source for each booking and perform any standard procedures normally associated with those sources.

For example, a certain online travel agency (OTA) can send bookings to the property that are either "Pay at the Hotel" or "Prepaid". You can choose to assign a different color to each so that staff knows what to do right away. This reduces errors and makes for a smoother check-in process.

Another scenario is when you have multiple travel agencies sending bookings to your property. Similarly, you can easily assign a different color to each travel agency.

To enable this view, click on the 3 dots "..." options on the upper right side of the calendar, and select "Use Source Colors".

Here's how it looks like.

To set the actual source colors, go to 1Day Settings > Property > Sources

You will see a table with a list of sources, click on any row to go to edit mode. Then select an option in the "Color" column.

Sources with no color assigned will have a gray color.

You can create new sources by clicking on the "Add Source" button.

And if you are connected to a channel manager, bookings that came from the corresponding OTA will automatically be assigned with that source and color. Otherwise, for manually created bookings such as traditional travel agencies, you can select the appropriate source upon creation of the booking.

Note that the calendar's default color scheme (whether to use source colors or not), is set per user. But there is an admin setting to change the default color scheme by going to 1Day Settings > Property > Extras > Default Calendar Color.

Future Improvements

  • We would like to extend these color-coding feature to the 1Day View page as well.
  • We have been receiving requests to display the color-coded tags right on the calendar itself.


To implement both improvements above, we are studying how to display different source colors alongside color-coded tags. But won't it cause "color overload" and veer away from the simplicity of the calendar?

Do you have an idea on how to combine both color-coded tags and color-coded bookings in one simple view?

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