Keep it Simpler

Guests can tell a well-run hotel

Empower your team with the simpler property management system.

Designed for Simplicity.

You shouldn't need a computer science degree to operate hotel software.

Minimalist, no clutter interface

Less distracting widgets, more productive bookings.

Just one main form

Adding or editing bookings don’t need multiple screens, just one simple form on top of the main calendar.

No Training Required

Very intuitive and self-explanatory. And if you still need it, excellent chat support is one click away.

Automatic Synchronization

Save time and prevent costly double bookings with the integrated Channel Manager.

Automatically update availability and rates

Stop wasting time by automatically synchronizing your calendar with online travel agencies such as, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc.

Automatically add/edit bookings in your calendar

New bookings automatically reflect in your calendar complete with charges and payment information. Modifications and cancellations are automatically reflected too.

Vacation Rentals & Hotels mix nicely

Some systems are unable to reconcile vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb with hotel platforms such as This causes problems in posting the correct availability numbers. 1Day takes care of that so you can sell rooms on both platforms simultaneously.

Runs 24/7

The system runs non-stop, no need to worry about holidays or staff going on leave. You get the equivalent of 2-3 full-time staff for a fraction of what you will pay for one.

Teamwork like clockwork

Keep the front desk, housekeeping, concierge, logistics, maintenance and the whole team in sync.

A digital whiteboard of today's guests

One page to see the real-time status of today's check-in, check-out, etc.

See tours & activities alongside rooms

Do you also run a dive shop or a tour desk? Keep the front-desk informed by managing activities alongside the rooms. Makes for a smoother check-out later on.

Alert team members thru tags and notes

Assign tags and indicate notes to keep others informed. Warn check-out if there are unpaid balances.

Instant reports

No need to wait days to see your hotel's performance. Quick stats help make quick decisions.

Keep track of key metrics

See progress of Occupancy Rates, Revenue per Room, Average Daily Rates, Cash payments, etc.

Monitor which channels produced the most bookings

Help make sure that you have a good mix of revenue sources. So you are not dependent on just one channel.

Track add-on charges

Monitor additional charges such as extra persons, extra beds, car pickup, etc.

Thoughtful guest profiles

A Customer Relationship Management system that is not bloated with features you don't use anyway.

Color-coded tags for contacts

Use tags to quickly alert staff of guest details such as Vegan, Repeat-Guest, etc.

Keep track of preferences, issues, etc.

Does the guest prefer a high floor? Away from the street? Impress the guests by remembering these little details.

Get a list of contacts by birthday, etc.

Thinking of something special for your guests? Quickly see a guest list based on tags, birthdays, etc.

And much more...

Drag-n-drop bookings
Configurable guest sources (channels)
Track estimate arrival and departure times
Track actual arrival and departure times
Configurable charges and taxes
Export to spreadsheets
Multiple simultaneous users
Multiple roles and permissions
Keep track of multiple reference numbers
Hourly bookings
Zero-dollar bookings
Custom fields
With new features released every month.
Keep it Simpler.