Packed with features. Very easy to use.

Increase bookings

No need to split your inventory across online travel agencies. Make all your rooms available to multiple online travel agencies and watch them fill-up faster.

Keep track of guest profiles

Record preferences and issues so you can impress guests with thoughtful services. Keep the whole team informed so they can be at their best at all times.

Automatic registration forms

Accelerate check-in with ready to print forms automatically filled-up with guest details.

Generate easy yet powerful reports

Report preparation made easy and quick.

Understand key metrics with just a few clicks.

Understand which channels are producing the most sales

See which channels are most productive, and determine if you are too dependent on a single source.

Track add-on charges and print guest invoices

One convenient place to keep track of all guest charges. 1Day also categorizes them in the reports automatically.

Mobile view on the go

Has the guest checked-out already? What time will the next guest arrive? Keep the entire team informed wherever they are.

And no app needed to download.


And so much more...

  • Drag-n-drop bookings
  • Guest tagging
  • Guest notes and special requests
  • check
    Keep track of multiple reference numbers
  • check
    Configurable guest sources (channels)
  • check
    Track estimate arrival and departure times
  • check
    Track actual arrival and departure times
  • check
    Configurable charges and taxes
  • Occupancy rates dashboard
  • check
    Guest status summary
  • Various kinds of sales reports
  • Export to spreadsheets
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    Multiple simultaneous users
  • check
    Multiple roles and permissions
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    Hourly bookings
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    Zero-dollar bookings

With new features being released each month...

It's automatic protection

How much time are you wasting dealing with inefficiencies?

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