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For dive resorts, how to manage rooms and diving activities in a single calendar?

The Problem

"We are a dive resort and sometimes there's confusion between the hotel's front-desk and the dive shop about booking details. How can we keep them in sync?"

Sometimes the dive shop isn't informed of the latest updates to the guest bookings. For example, were there changes to the schedule, number of guests, package inclusions? Which guests paid for which packages? When are the guests checking-out?

And on the other hand, sometimes the front-desk isn't immediately informed of updates to the diving activities. Did the guest schedule another dive? Were there extra equipment used?

If the hotel encounters delays in reconciling these information, they risk incurring billing errors and can lead to some very unhappy guests.

Our Solution

Make it easy for staff to manage rooms and diving activities in the same calendar. And make it very flexible so it can adapt to each resort's unique processes.

The example used here is for a dive resort, but the same can be applied to any resort that offers activities as part of their usual packages.

The solution includes three components:

1 - Simple calendar setup

In the 1Day calendar, a "room" can be any kind of bookable unit. Aside from the usual rooms, the hotel can add activities such as dive courses, fun dives, island tours, and many others.

Adding activities is done in the same way as adding rooms. Just go to the Settings > Rooms page.

These rooms can then be displayed together as a group in the calendar. You can also specify the display sequence or sort order of each group. As well as hide groups that are no longer being used.

It is useful to note that this type of grouping is just for display and is completely independent from how the rooms are connected to the hotel's various sales channels.

So there is no need to worry that making changes to the grouping might affect the inventory that is pushed out to those channels. This is specially important if your hotel is connected to a channel manager.

2 - Link related bookings

After setup, you can create separate bookings under each room and activity. And these bookings can be linked together for the same guest.

For example, you can have a booking named "Luke Skywalker" for Room 101, and another booking named "Luke | OW 2PAX" for the Open water dive course activity. They do not need to have the same start and end dates.

There are two ways to link these bookings:

  • Contacts view
    Each booking has a Contact Information section that allows hotels to create a contact profile for each guest. This profile can then be assigned to multiple bookings.

For simplicity, we use the guest's primary email address as the main identifier for each contact. Once a contact profile is connected to a booking, you can open that profile and see a timeline of all the other linked bookings. Like this:

  • Search view.
    A simpler way to link multiple bookings is to just use the same email address under the guest information section. This email can be different from the contact profile and is usually the email registered when the first booking was created.

You can then search for all bookings using that email address like this:

3 - Designate user roles

The dive shop staff and the hotel staff sometimes need to have different access levels. They do not all need to have access to the same information. To support this, 1Day comes with various user roles that can designate who can view/edit bookings and charges.

For example, this user was given view only rights and cannot see the full charges of the booking. This user can only see if there is a balance.

User roles can be configured by going to the Settings > users page.

In the future, we plan to create more user roles to distinguish between dive shop staff and hotel staff.

In Summary

Syncing the hotel front-desk and the dive shop in real-time can reduce confusion and costly mistakes. To achieve this, 1Day provides a simple approach to manage both rooms and activities in a single, easy to use calendar.

What do you think of this solution? Will this help your dive resort? Please let us know by clicking on the chat button on the right.

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