Keep it Simpler

Simple & affordable pricing

No need for expensive systems built more for large hotels.



Manage 300 new bookings /month
Up to 50 rooms
Up to 20 users
Booking Engine
Reports for the past 60 days


$2.5  $1.25 / room

All in Free plan
Manage unlimited bookings, rooms and users*
Advanced reports
Light CRM


$4.99 /

All in basic plan
Auto sync online calendars via the integrated Channel Manager**
API access
Custom Fields
Priority customer support via chat and email
Minimum of $35 /month



Need special requirements?
Are you a Non-profit or NGO?
* Fair use policy applies. Unlimited users here means all the users working regularly in the hotel.

** The cost of the channel manager included in the PRO plan is set upon sign-up. Changes to this cost may affect pricing in the future. Special pricing applies to properties in Australia and New Zealand. Please Contact Us first.

Special discount on the first month that you upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the free plan, what happens after I reach the limit?

You can still block out rooms via "admin blocks", but you won't be able to add new bookings until the next month.

How long will the sign-up take?

You can get started with the free plan in less than 2 minutes. Sign-up via Google or email, no credit card required.

What if I need help to setup and operate the system?

We would be delighted to help you. Just send us a message via chat or email thru the message button at the lower right of the page.

Which OTAs are you connected with?

Thru the integrated channel manager, we connect to hundreds of online travel agencies including, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, CTrip, Hostelworld, etc.

In the PRO plan, is the channel manager cost included?

Yes. This price is inclusive of the channel manager cost.

What is the difference between a property management system (PMS) and a channel manager?

The PMS (1Day) is the front-end for your team to manage bookings. The channel manager works in the background to connect 1Day to online travel agencies (OTAs) and synchronize availability and rates.

Why do I need a channel manager?

Without this, you will have to spend a lot of time doing error-prone manual updates. However, if you don't rely on OTAs much, then you have less need for a channel manager.
Keep it Simpler.