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Simpler way to see Housekeeping room status

For basic housekeeping, many properties don't want to have to update a very long and complicated online checklist. Too many steps and it starts to get in the way of staff actually performing their duties, and learning the most efficient way to do it.

For this, we've come up with a very simple way to indicate whether the room is dirty or ready for check-in.

It involves a button that toggles between "READY", "DIRTY" and No Status. Clicking on the button just alternates between these values.

To see this feature, click on the More options button on the upper right of the calendar, and select "Show Room Status"

Once updated, the status will reflect across all users.

There is also a mobile view for quick updates.

Future Improvements

  • Next, we would allow properties to configure the room status buttons to automatically update based on the current booking for that room.

    For example, when a guest checks out, the room status will automatically turn to "DIRTY".
  • We will enable properties to customize the text and color of the buttons.
  • How can we enable more statuses aside from these three? (READY, DIRTY, No Status). Should we put a drop-down list?


A drop-down list takes 3x the steps as a simple toggle button. The user would have to click once, move the mouse, then select the target option. Conversely, sticking to a toggle button, and cycling thru many options would require a lot of clicks.

Our main goal is always to find the simplest way. Any ideas on how we can design the housekeeping feature that would allow many different statuses, but would still be simple enough to use frequently?

What other features do you think are the simplest way to do housekeeping? Please let us know by clicking on the chat button on the right.

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Keep it Simpler.