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The North Face Hotel puzzle

An architect was commissioned to build a hotel. And the owner told him, "You can do whatever you want, I just have one requirement. I want all windows to face North. It's the North Face Hotel."

"You can't waste any rooms, you can't waste any walls. All rooms, all exterior walls, must have windows. And all those windows must face North."

Can you help the architect figure out how to build that hotel?

Scroll down for the answer.

Clue: Use a physical compass.


It's not how you build the hotel, it's where. If you are able to build one in the absolute south pole, then technically everywhere you look faces North.

But for obvious environmental reasons, this hotel cannot (or shouldn't) be built.

Incidentally, I thought we can also look at this as a reminder during this pandemic. If your hotel has hit bottom, everywhere you look is up =)

November 21, 2020
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