Keep it Simpler

Run your hotel like Clockwork

With the simpler property management system for small and medium hotels.

We keep it simpler

Why waste time and pay more for  complicated systems?

Designed for

Prevent costly
booking errors

Keep the
team in sync

Designed for

Less clutter, less confusion.
1Day is built with none of the 
complex features intended
mostly for large properties.
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Prevent costly booking errors.

Keep your calendars and online listings synchronized automatically. Save time and save your hotel from double bookings.
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Keep the team in sync.

One place to monitor booking information for the entire team, with multiple access levels and multiple devices.
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How it works

Sign-up for the free, zero-risk plan

No time limit, use as long as you like.

Add rooms and bookings

Setup in just a few minutes by yourself or send us a message via chat for a premium guided tour.

Setup automatic sync

Ready for the next level? Upgrade and connect with a channel manager to really automate tedious, error-prone tasks.


We love how simple and easy it is to use. Even first time users get it right away, without any training. Their price is so affordable and their customer support is superb!

Reginald Go

We tried a boatload of other systems, but 1Day offered the most flexibility and integration capability that made our business much more efficient. And the team offered amazing support all throughout! Damn it, I am very grateful to have found them!

Brendan Tjahjadi

The team at 1Day was able to come up with a solution to everything we threw at them. They followed-thru everything they said they will do. All the time. For this, they have earned my trust.

Kiren Tanna

I like how simple it is! Made my life easier. The team is very helpful and they have excellent customer support.

Brett Robertson


By subscribing, you help save the world's rarest eagles.

We commit at least 1 day a week, and a portion of profits towards eagle conservation.
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By subscribing, you help save the world’s rarest eagles. And the forests they depend on.

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Keep it Simpler.