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Many small hotels struggle with chaos.
And there are many products out there promising to solve that and a hundred other problems. So why spend your time here with us?
There are 3 good reasons, in the form of 3 principles behind 1Day and our experiences building it. These principles guide us in turning this chaos into clarity.
If these principles are essential to you, then you've come to the right place.

Principle 1: Focus on one kind of customer

When we were starting, we catered to all kinds of properties. Including large hotel chains and membership resorts. This inevitably pulled us into multiple directions and we ended up building features that were only useful to a few.

Narrowing the focus to small and medium hotels allowed us to deliver better services. And so it will not be the case that a few large properties would be given priority for features and customer support.

The product roadmap considers first and foremost, will this benefit smaller hotels?

We also had the chance to build and manage small hotels ourselves.

Through that we've met many of the most caring, kindest people. These are the managers, front-desks, housekeeping, doormen, valets, and all the staff that work together to make guests feel welcome. Often working long hours, they carry on wearing a smile tirelessly day in and day out.

We've built 1Day for them. They are our priority, and we'll go the extra mile if it means making their jobs a little easier.

By not trying to be a solution for properties of all sizes, we are able to design the system to be a better fit for the customers we serve.

This laser focus allows us to keep the costs lower, and pass those savings to our customers.

Principle 2: Work together

There is a popular proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Some of the most endearing times I have in managing hotels is when after a long and busy day, the team would gather by the staff area to unwind. Some would have a drink, while laughing at some silliness that happened during the day.

There would have been some new issue, or event or circumstance that would result to a happy remark or a complaint. Through it all, you can see the common purpose that binds everyone together: to make the guests feel at home.

This teamwork is what's behind extra-ordinary results from what would look like ordinary people. The secret is in their ability to work together.

This ability allows small hotels to compete with bigger properties with lots of resources. Guests can tell which team really do make them feel at home.

This is at full display every day with well run hotels. And at 1Day, we want to amplify that teamwork by:

Providing tools to enable quick and easy coordination between staff. Including features that build trust and accountability.
Partnering with the hotels through a customer support team that really cares.
For us, customer inquiries aren't just a ticket that needs to closed. But a friendly conversation waiting to be opened.

This active partnership leads to the strengthening of a common purpose. And with that comes clarity on what should be done at what time. The opposite is people pulling in different directions. We won't be able to kick-out chaos that way.

The 1Day team is positively made up of ordinary folks striving for extra-ordinary results. We come from diverse backgrounds: IT, Hospitality, Finance and Customer Support. And like our hotel customers, we too share in the cause of making people feel welcome.

Many in the team started work at call-centers. We live and breathe customer service. And there is an intrinsic desire in us to help make another person's day brighter.

What makes everything possible is the dedication to work together.

Principle 3: One tool for one job

We know that in many hotels, staff are juggling so many tasks simultaneously, they cannot afford to be slowed down by complicated systems. Even pausing for a second, wondering, "How do I do this thing again?", is enough to stall momentum and derail an otherwise well-oiled machine.

We need a simpler system to help hotels feel less like juggling and more like clockwork.

For this, we relentlessly find ways to simplify the system. And this begins with not trying to do everything, and focusing only on the essentials.

Like needing to find where is North and having to choose between a `simple compass` or a `compass + altimeter + barometer + thermometer + calorie counter`.

While the latter no doubt has good value, our principle is to go for the tool that was built only for that job, and does it very well.

A simpler system needs a design that just works intuitively. And you shouldn't need to have a computer science degree to understand how to run it. This means clean, non-confusing, no-clutter screens.
After over a decade of developing software, we've discerned the ingredients that makes up such elegant systems and how to make it work --and how not.

We also had the opportunity to run a vacation rental business. We took loads of condominium apartments and turned them into hotel rooms in multiple locations. This required a very mobile team of receptionists and housekeepers, often moving through different locations in one day.

1Day was built with this agility in mind. The system had to work well on the go, it had to be easily understood by staff, and it had to be light and fast.

We had a centralized team handle the reservations across all locations. And the system needed to reflect the fast-changing updates to the teams on the ground. 1Day had to be very simple to work.

Thousands of happy guests later, the system designed for simplicity delivered as promised.

And though we've already stopped the vacation rental business to focus on 1Day, the lesson remains: stay lean, avoid complexity.
In summary, we're about three things:
1. Focus on small hotels to gain clarity.
2. Work together with small hotels towards a common goal.
3. Choose one tool for one job.


Ian Reyes

Founder & CEO

Marlene Michelle Licup

Co-Founder & COO
This is how we are different, and how we can help run your hotel like clockwork.
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