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Easy way to set colors for different sources

Here's an easy way to visualize where the bookings in the property management system came from. This can aid staff in quickly identifying the source for each booking and perform any standard procedures normally associated with those sources. For example, a certain online travel agency (OTA) can send bookings to the property that are either […]

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Simpler way to see Housekeeping room status

For basic housekeeping, many properties don't want to have to update a very long and complicated online checklist. Too many steps and it starts to get in the way of staff actually performing their duties, and learning the most efficient way to do it. For this, we've come up with a very simple way to […]

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What are the trade-offs with a free hotel Software?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple and free hotel management software to help you run your small hotel? After all, your operations aren't that complicated, or at least you don't want it to be. Or maybe you are just starting and are wisely trying to save costs. Surely, there should be free […]

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For dive resorts, how to manage rooms and diving activities in a single calendar?

The Problem "We are a dive resort and sometimes there's confusion between the hotel's front-desk and the dive shop about booking details. How can we keep them in sync?" Sometimes the dive shop isn't informed of the latest updates to the guest bookings. For example, were there changes to the schedule, number of guests, package […]

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Iron guest: Ms Venera Part 3 of 3

Continued from here. Nicolas stood by the small dock. It's a quarter past 5 in the morning and the boat was rocking gently in the low tide. Half the boat was resting on the sandy beach. He was joined by Jun, the resort's boatman, quietly slurping his morning coffee. After inspecting the boat and seeing […]

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Iron guest: Ms Venera Part 2 of 3

Continued from here. The last time Ms. Venera stayed at the Grand Coral, she had insisted on the town ordinance of no smoking in public places. And since the curbside is technically a public place, she proclaimed that any whiff of smoke reaching her would be in violation of said edict. The same goes for […]

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Iron guest: Ms. Venera

This post is a work of fiction in which a very unique guest tests a hotel's capabilities. Nicolas admired the poster hanging by his office wall. It read: Wherever there is a hotel, there is an opportunity for kindness. The original quote was attributed to Seneca. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind my alteration, as it's […]

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A simple way to organize guest data for sending promotions

"I would like to send marketing promotions to previous guests. I need a simple list of customers based on criteria such as interests, travel itinerary, and period of stay." What is the simplest way for us to achieve this goal? This is the solution we designed for 1Day, I hope to hear if you agree […]

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The richest guest from Babylon Part 2

Continued from here. Yehann asked who wants to put forth the first question. An elderly man raised a hand and asked, "I am traveling to see a farm land for sale not an hour's ride from here. My friend says they can give us over 50% return each year". Yehann replied, "What are you and […]

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The richest guest from Babylon

About 2500 years ago, in a small town in southern Mesopotamia, Jasmin looked worriedly over the books of her hotel. The Sandy Springs Inn have reached half occupancy for the month, but the succeeding period were much lower than usual. She needs to find a way to increase their earnings or they won't be able […]

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